CNS Network Memory Game 2011

A really really silly xmas gift from Center for Network Science, CEU, to all the other CEU:ers. Happy holiday!

Ya, I'm sorry - this is a Windows-only thingie. Written in C#, using the XNA Game Studio library, it can however be run on Xbox360 (with some tweaks).

The game needs .NET Framework 4.0 and XNA Framework on your Windows machine. This typically comes with newer versions of Windows 7 - if not, you will be asked to download this from Microsoft during install.

Installation instructions (requires full admin permission, so probably wont work on the standard CEU comps)
1. Download the file.
2. Unpack the zip-file somewhere on your computer (just temporary).
3. Go into the "CNSgame2011" folder.
(3.5 If you are nervous: run a virus check on the "setup.exe" file in that folder)
4. Double-click the "setup.exe" executable file.
(4.5 If you dont have .NET Framework 4.0 and/or XNA redistributable on your Windows machine, this will be downloaded from Microsoft.)
5. After installation, the game runs automatically.

To run the game later on, you'll find it in your start menu (in the "Center for Network Science (CNS)" folder)

Uninstall instruction
Really easy - just go into your Control Panel, choose the game and uninstall it.

More info: